Lila Jean Vintage

Lila Jean Vintage explores vintage and nostalgia within Australia. We highlight the people and places that make vintage so unique and speak to the men and women who wore it first.

I have worked extensively in digital communications and as a freelance writer. My days began and ended with social media - the irony is not lost on me - but after one too many social media conferences it dawned on me that if I disappeared tomorrow all that I would leave behind would be a Facebook account and a lot of vintage clothes. Through the course of modern technology letters gave way to email and printed photographs were deemed obsolete through digital. What will the world have to remember me by when I'm gone - an external hard drive?

Named after my Nan, a woman ahead of her time in so many ways and with whom I was incredibly close, Lila Jean hopes to encourage people to see beyond themselves. Life is so much more than the next 'selfie' and society has come a long way since the 1920s. All I have of my Nan now is some photographs and old letters, which I treasure, and my memories. I was only 15 when she passed and it is only now that I can see the influence she has had in my life.

Lila Jean spans from the 1920s to the 1970s and even the 1980s (which people debate is not technically 'vintage' but 'retro' but no one can deny it's a fun decade!) and we explore the fashion and style that made these eras so sensational. We also look at architecture, films, literature, food, personal anecdotes, family photographs and so much more! Sometimes a little bit pin-up, a touch rockabilly, undeniable sentimental and driven by the desire to preserve your stories, Lila Jean is, at it's heart, all about vintage in all it's incarnations.

We believe that everyone has a story and we aim to highlight those stories that your mother, brother, grandmother, best friend told you that made you laugh, made you cry or just made you see the world a little differently. We are always after story ideas and personal anecdotes or images so if you have a great story let us know!

Originally a print publication, Lila Jean moved online in 2016. You can purchase back issues online.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram or feel free to drop me an email at editor@lilajeanvintage.com or if you're feeling really nostalgic why not drop me a note at PO Box 505, Winston Hills, NSW, 2153. I promise to write back - on actual paper!